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Iran urged to extend zero import duty to local rice


Export of wheat, WTAP awaiting Government decision on Subsidy


KARACHI (July 08 2010): The Wheat Traders Association of Pakistan (WTAP) is awaiting the government's decision in regard to the export of wheat. The WTAP fully understands and realize the drain on the economy as far as the subsidy on exports is concerned, said Abdul Kalim Baakza, Sr. Vice President of WTAP in a press statement. (Read more)


Wheat’s long-term challenge, IGC Conference speaker says production will struggle to keep pace with consumption if steps are not taken to incentivize planting


With the first decade of the new millennium having just been completed, one that saw substantial changes in the supply and demand balance of grains and oilseeds as well as historic price surges in 2007-08, the 2010 International Grains Council (IGC) Grain Conference turned its attention to the future with its theme, "The new decade: towards greater market stability?" (Read more)